Free to get started!  Raise puppies for the Get-A-Wag Program to place puppies with children and adults. You will find this to be a great family bonding experience.  Enjoy the fun occupation working and playing with puppies.  Expect to be rewarded when the new puppy owners have YOU to thank for their darling pups! Good income will be made also from this part time position caring for and breeding the unique toy breed dogs especially suited to be therapy dogs in your home. We teach you how.

You will receive good natured healthy adult dogs.  They are great pets for you and we look for forever homes, so you can get attached to them.
Some breeds are as little as 5 lbs.  but none larger than 20 lbs. The breeds we are developing have natural attributes that make them especially agreeable to be therapy dogs. You will be trained in all aspects of their care and have on-going telephone and personal support by a team of professional breeders.

Individuals with experience breeding dogs, or other animal husbandry will be considered first. Medical professionals such as nurses are also excellent candidates to apply. But all sincerely interested people with a willingness to learn are also good candidates. You must complete an application process.  Recipients are selected by interview over the phone after you fill out an online application.

The Get-A-Wag Program places puppies and adult dogs with special needs children and adults.  Our breed foundation will place young adult dogs in your approved non-smoking home under breeder contract. You must have a fenced yard, and indoor home environment, or an approved outdoor heated kennel. I require one on one attention daily with any dog placed with you. They should all feel like house-pets. Check your local zoning and kennel ordinances to see how many un-neutered dogs your are allowed. You must have another source of income or job as this is a part-time income.

You will need a good internet connection, digital camera, and reliable source of transportation. Sales and marketing of the dogs in done by our breed foundation and every dog is advertised through a website you will furnish with photos of puppies. You will be a part of a rare breed dog foundation and have opportunity to communicate with other dog breeders locally and in other states like yourself. These dogs may also be shown if you are interested.

On average you will receive $400 for each puppy that is sold but this is simply an average. Higher priced puppies will allow you to earn twice that amount. If a puppy will not sell above $300, you get to keep the entire amount! But the real benefit of working for this organization is the knowledge that you have stepped out of the ordinary and are perpetuating the dog breeds developed to be therapy dogs for children and adults through the Get-A-Wag program.  Share our legacy, raising puppies for future generations.

Call Rebecca 812-278-4174 Read about the dogs we place at

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